Focus on injection mold development, design, manufacturing

Focus on injection mold development, design, manufacturing

UnionMould is an international company focused on developing, designing, manufacturing and exporting good quality injection moulds. Started business since 1998, Union Mould is a professional manufacturer of injection molds. Our market including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Germany, and south of America, Brazil, Peru, Columbia etc. What we try to offer to clients are BEST QUALITY, BEST SERVICE & BEST PRICE.

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We provide quality products

We provide discounted prices

We provide caring service

Our customers are distributed around the world

Europe: Russia, UK, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey. Asia: China, India, Sth. Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh. America: Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Oceania: Australia, New Zealand. Afrika: R.S.Africa, Tunisia, Morocco. Middle.East: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar

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Product Design -

usually we provide useful suggestions to our customers how to improve the Product Design, or just design it according to the customer’s requirements.

Tool Design -

our designers are trained to be sensitive to learn new mould-making technologies and be updated with new solutions and materials.

Project Managing -

they do the supervision, monitoring and keep permanent track of the progress all the way through designing, analysis, manufacturing, try-outs, etc.

Mould-making -

half of our toolmakers worked before in the South of China where they acquired the most professional skills and experience available in China. They are the team leaders and also teach the youngers how to work best.

Technology Analysis -

our experienced analizes and make considerations about the mould structure, the injection filling, decides on the best cooling system, check the product mouldability, and provides a DFM with the best information and solutions to the customer.

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